So: Why are you here?

Maybe you have a fascination with data, statistics, rankings, reports. Maybe you used to be that kid whose idea of a fun Friday night was to peruse the World Almanac and Book of Facts. Maybe you mistyped and you’re actually looking for the World Presidents Index.

Or maybe, just maybe, you’re looking for something more.

If you’re like many visitors to the World Residence Index, you’re successful. Quite successful, to be honest. You’re financially secure. You’ve got a great family, maybe two. You have – or have access to – the requisite flying or floating toys, vacation communities, adventure travel and the like. You’ve got it pretty good.

And yet. There it is: That yearning. Because beneath that lovely, aspirational, Robb Report veneer of a lifestyle, you want something more for yourself and your loved ones. Not a thing so much as a feeling.

Let’s call it peace of mind.

You want what everyone wants: Privacy. Security, not just in the financial sense. A feeling of wellbeing. You’ve earned that, haven’t you? Yes, chances are you have, but chances are also that you don’t necessarily have that feeling of wellbeing. Nor are you sure how to get it: Search for a wellbeing consultant?

And that is the underlying purpose of the WRI, the reason those women and men with their thick glasses and advanced R skills come to work every day: To help people in your position maximize their ability to achieve and enjoy the lifestyle they envision for themselves and their families – not just materially, but mentally as well. To give you the rich, data-supported insights you need – just as you’d expect in your work-life – to make educated choices relevant to attaining the life you wish to lead. Your gut may be terrific (especially if you’re consuming probiotics). But these choices are too important to be left to your gut alone. As W. Edwards Deming said, “In God we trust. All others must bring data.” The WRI is your data.