It’s where the heart is, where Dorothy and ET wanted – needed – to get to. Home is central to our concept of ourselves. And if you’re reading this, chances are that the country you choose to call home will be central to your financial planning strategy – not to mention your future happiness and well-being.

All of which is why we created this interactive tool, the World Residence Index: To provide you with detailed, fact-based, objective information to help you choose a new place of residence.

And just to be clear: our index is a residence index. It’s not a passport index – an oversimplified and, frankly, not useful list of countries to which a given passport provides visa-free travel access. A residence index, by contrast, takes account of many factors – factors that will make a tangible, quantifiable difference in your life and lifestyle.

Before you invest money in a new residence, invest some time in the World Residence Index. This unbiased tool is nothing less than your definitive resource for comparing all the world’s countries across key characteristics based on objective scores across consistent, standardized parameters. It’s a tool developed by economics PhD’s – and designed for easy use by nonspecialists.